Most consumers choose types of lighting based on appearance. Yes, this is an important element that people should pay attention to – after all, lamps are a crucial part of the decor of your home, office, or shop. Recessed luminaires from the manufacturer LUG Light Factory are most often selected due to their minimalist design and universality, thanks to which they can be installed in almost any architectural style.

Modern recessed luminaires are a type of lighting that is built into a surface – whether it is a wall, ceiling or other element of construction and furniture. Thanks to this, the luminaire is a discreet and fully integrated design element. On the other hand, this type of lamps is characterized by high functionality. They are perfect for displaying objects or zones in a room. That is why they are so eagerly chosen in living rooms, kitchens commercial interiors, e.g. galleries and museums. While selecting the best model, the buyer should pay attention to the ability to adjust the lighting angle.

Installation of recessed luminaires requires a surface in which the luminaires will be embedded. Depending on the choice of a given surface, you can achieve original lighting effects. First of all, this type of lamps will work well in corridors in passageways, where they will be the main lighting. Top-mounted luminaries can also have a decorative function and highlight selected areas. Interior designers suggest using recessed luminaires in the kitchen above the countertop, under the cabinets or in the ceiling. In the living room, you can illuminate works of art or zones in this way, especially if the ceiling has an irregular shape.

The direct light emitted by this type of lamp is suitable for work and study, which is why they are commonly used in offices, offices, and schools. This is a good way to create a safe and comfortable workplace for employees. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to energy savings when installing such lamps, especially thanks to the use of LED technology.

The manufacturer's offer includes rectangular and square recessed luminaires. Some models allow you to create lighting modules for use, e.g. in corridors and large rooms, e.g. halls. “Clean” and universal design are other advantages of this solution. Additionally, it is easy to install and ergonomic in design.

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